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Our Pots and Planters

We search the globe to ensure our range includes the most sophisticated pots and planters in the world. We hold a massive inventory so you don't have to wait when you need stock. Browse our range and discover why landscapers, decorators, builders and architects call us first.

Old Stone

High fired for extreme strength and sandblasted for a deep stone-like pitted finish, these pots meet a modern specification whilst looking completely ancient. More...


Encrusted with a unique barnacle-like finish, these pots are very exclusive. The original and the best. More...

Indoor Self Watering Pots

This range of self watering cubes, troughs and room dividers are self sufficient for days, even weeks. They will not overflow or leak, and have a water level indicator to tell you when to top up. From the Khilia range by Euro3plast, made in Italy. More...


Encrusted with a unique barnacle like finish,our new Aquarius range of pots has a beautiful neutral colour tone and finish More...

Lightweight Terrazzo

The beautiful finish on these lightweight pots is perfect, and they are lightweight and super strong. More...

Glazed Ceramic

Glazed Ceramic Pots More...

Classical Urns and Troughs

Classical Urns and Troughs More...

Metro Stone

Metro Stone has a modern urban feel with its smooth finish and contemporary decorator colour . The construction includes fibreglass for a lighter weight and reinforcement. More...


Saucers and bases for pots More...

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Photos of how our pots have been used in a variety of settings.

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