Large glazed pots

Pots and Planters can supply Large glazed pots for your commercial project. Sizes up to 100 x 120cm can be delivered Australia wide.

Our importing and wholesale facilities are located on the Gold Coast and our large stock holdings of pots means we can usually fill your commercial orders from existing inventory.

If you’re in need of spacious and stylish plant containers, our Large Glazed Pots are the answer. These pots offer both functionality and visual appeal for your project. The glossy glaze on these pots not only adds a vibrant touch but also protects them from the elements. Whether you’re planting tall shrubs, small trees, or creating attractive floral arrangements, our Large Glazed Pots provide ample space for your plants to thrive. With a variety of sizes, shapes, and colours to choose from, finding the perfect piece to make a statement in your garden or interior space is easy. Make a bold yet practical addition to your decor with these impressive Large Glazed Pots.

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